The people Behind

P. Parthenis, the founder of has studied Ancient Greek and Roman History. During both his undergraduate and post-graduate studies, he has earned several annual scholarships from public and private organisations. His post-graduate studies focused on early Christianity and its turbulent struggle with the Roman Empire. He now works on mapping the formation of early Christian Communities within the realm of the Roman Empire, before the Constantinian reforms of the early 4th century.

All this years, ancient Greek has been my greatest love and passion. Most of all, I enjoy teaching this unique language to anyone who is fortunate enough to discover its unparalleled wealth.

The idea behind was to help people understand the method of translating ancient Greek to a modern-day language. We will happily assist anyone, be it an undergraduate or postgraduate student, a teacher, people interested in ancient Greek History or the New Testament and early Christian texts, to get an accurate translation of the original meaning, by providing not just the translation, but also the reasons and guiding principles for wording and choice of terms.