Reasons for Learning a Dead Language

Many people think that learning a dead language is pointless. Latin is a good example of how important it is to learn languages that are not spoken any more.  Occasionally we need to bear in mind, however, that there are reasons for studying extinct languages.  Considering that German or Arabic could be your fine opportunity […]

Translate the Greek Language to Ancient and Modern Dialects

There are Greek societies and families who have departed to countries like Canada, the U.S., Australia and the UK to originate companies and begin new lives. These companies and businesses sometimes demand Greek to English transcription for legal forms, business transactions, restaurant menus and plenty more. In extension to the many Greek companies and businesses […]

Ancient Greek – How to Learn the Language

The first step you must take in order to learn Ancient Greek is to discover your level. You may be a beginner or you may already know some basic things.  The Biblical Greek course is divided into two levels: Amateur level Upgraded level Generally speaking, students study the Greek letters, ancient Greek syntax, and the […]

Ancient Greek to Current Greek-Language Development

Due to the extended history of the Greek language, it is difficult to point out certain linguistic deviations between distant periods, such as “ancient”, and “current”, Greek. For instance, the pronunciation of Beta, Delta, and Gamma is usually regarded as a significant phonetic variation between Ancient and Modern periods; nevertheless evidence [reference needed] proposes a […]

5 Steps to Understand and Translate Ancient Greek to English

The primary reason to study Ancient Greek, is to be able to translate Ancient Greek documents into English. Before we start, keep in mind what’s the goal here: you desire to translate an article into modern English. The final translation should sound like it was written in English in the first position: it has to […]